Welcome to Jordanos stylebox!

STYLEBOX is our newest concept bringing Jordanos couture right to your door!

How the program works: 

  1. Send an email to staff@shopjordanos.com to request your profile form.
  2. Each month, for a $20 styling fee, you will receive a customized stylebox filled with 5-7 items based on your individual style profile!
  3. Try on each piece in your own home and mix and match with clothing you already own!
  4. Select any or all items returning only those you don’t want to keep, in our prepaid mailing envelope. Select two items and apply the styling fee towards your purchase. Select ALL items, apply the styling fee AND receive an additional 20% off all items! That’s it!


We would also like you to send a photo of yourself.  This will put a face to the name and help us find your personal style based on you being you!  Different colors and patterns work for different people and a picture will help us customize your box based on hair color, skin tone and body type.  Have a Pinterest account?  This can be a valuable tool when styling you!  Send us your pins of favorite looks, styles or clothing you covet.  Also, let us know if you have any upcoming events including weddings, graduations, a girls’ night out or just want to make a change.   Finally, please tell us if you use an alternate address.  Perhaps you vacation in the summer, or have a second place you call home.  No one should miss out on their monthly Jordanos stylebox!  Questions? email staff@shopjordanos.com.

Have a referral for the Jordanos stylebox program?  Let us know!!  Receive a stylebox credit towards your next purchase when someone you refer makes their first stylebox purchase!

As always, Jordanos is not just a boutique, we’re a lifestyle at your destination!